Unleashing the Robot from within the human

We are Ciphix, a Rotterdam-based IT implementation company specialized in Hyperautomation. By implementing smart automation solutions, we ensure that your employees can focus on the creative and enjoyable aspects of their work again. Our clients are diverse; from international companies to government institutions – we deliver unique solutions tailored to the specific challenges of each organization.

We aim to contribute to a better future. Through our intelligent systems and robots, we are confident that we make a positive impact with every implementation. We thrive on innovation and process optimization. Ready to take the next step with Hyperautomation? Then you’ve come to the right place.


Our Core Values

Think Steps Ahead

We are forward thinkers, considering the bigger picture, resulting in strategic choices and sustainable solutions.

Be Firm And Polite

We believe that honesty and open communication are key to success, and therefore, they are embedded as the core pillars in our company culture.

Innovate Fearlessly

We easily navigate unknown territories, forge our own path, and are not afraid to deviate from the status quo.

Stay Hungry and Evolve Together

Together, we will continue to learn and challenge each other to continuously improve ourselves and our performance.

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